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Product Manager | Being a creative writer always has paved my way through expressing my Ideas.

Problem statement:

Retail stores are increasingly becoming technology-enabled and store associates are comfortable with technology more than ever before. The retail stores associates need a way to serve their customers better and to do that, they need the information about the customers at their fingertips. They also expect to provide product information to the customers accurately, help with customer queries and engage with the customers with the best offers and recommendations.


What is the problem?

  • Store people have to serve customers in the best way possible with accurate information about the product.
  • Store manager does not know how each person is performing.
  • Brands do not have…

Folks, let’s cut it down — there’s no magic trick, do what you are passionate about and when you do it give all you got to be successful at it.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
- Steve Jobs


A Detailed solution of how to approach a problem, define requirements and design prototype.

Problem Statement-

Design a mobile app that allows users to easily buy and sell used books.

Expected approach:

  1. Define facts like what is the scope of the app, who would be the audience etc. If you are not certain of some facts, you’ll need to make a few assumptions on your own and make a solution accordingly.
  2. Break down the problem into parts (Define the different types of users, what actions can a user take and what this would result in).
  3. Think of an end to end solution for different kinds of possible users for this app. Think about what elements you…

Text-to-Handwritten PDF generator software deployed on AWS using Dynamic Hosting.

Text-to-Handwritten PDF generator can convert any text file into human handwriting pdf. The software is developed using python language and then to scale website on a larger level it is fetched using PHP in the backend while for frontend HTML CSS used. The software is deployed on AWS services using concepts of cloud computing. The website so forth is deployed using a serverless router system and can be available cross regions using EC2 instance.


The software Text-to-Handwritten PDF generator can convert any text file into human handwriting pdf. The…

Data Science is the new talk in town so comes the visualization and analytics of Data. Power BI has been the prominent tool for easing out visualizations but for complex data integration python libraries are essential.

The addition of Python integration in Power BI is one of the greatest things that Microsoft could have done. This gives the user the ability to utilize amazing visual libraries, here I will give quick guide for Seaborn library. Beyond visualization, you can also utilize some of the machine learning packages.

The first thing you will need is the latest version of Power BI…

Let’s not start this with rant of Covid but how Data is becoming the new money. We have plethora of data but that’s of no use if we are not modelling it in a right way, there is innumerable of hidden information lying in that excel sheets.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine”

I will here explain how to create your own Covid-19 Live Dashboard with all steps. If you find it helpful then help others by sharing it.

On Power BI itself we will do the cleaning and importing of the…

IIT bombay convocation

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been the buzz words around, lets have quick look at how it can completely change the way of living?


If you work in the Retail market, you’ll be competing on giving your customers the best buying and digital experience. With the existing blurring lines between physical and virtual shopping, augmented and virtual reality will enable your business to bridge the existing gap. You’ll also need to replace your traditional retail shop with virtual showrooms.

For instance, introducing AR and VR in clothing stores will enable your customers to view clothing items in 3D format…

Infrastructure as code [IaC] is a buzzing word these days, and it’s no mystery why. IaC, referred to as software-defined infrastructure, is defined as an IT setup wherein developers or operations teams automatically manage and provision the technology stack for an application through software, rather than using a manual process to configure discrete hardware devices and operating systems. Infrastructure as Code addresses these deficiencies by bringing automation to the provisioning process. Rather than relying on manually performed steps, both administrators and developers can instantiate infrastructure using configuration files

Benefits of using IAC

· Cost-Reduction

· Speed of Execution

· Reduced Risk

When people look for tools to implement infrastructure…

Image Recognition

Hello Folks, this is a brief guide how to develop custom notification based model for Image Recognition using AWS functions as AWS Lambda, Rekognition, SNS, S3 bucket and other AWS services.

(If you are having AWS free tier account still you can perform this task)

Here are the main 4 steps we have to perform:

  1. Create an IAM ROLE with the full access of Rekognition + CloudWatch + S3 access.
  2. Create an SNS topic.
  3. Create S3 bucket.
  4. Create a Lambda Function.

The main functioning reasons of 4 steps.

  • The Rekognition which is a API, will help us to recognize the…

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